Lo-Fi Prototype

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L4D Fans might recognize the beautiful model used to display the design prototypes.

PechaKucha Designs

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Power Point  –  Notes

U-Force! Activator!

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Real Time AR

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Games History & Culture

Let’s start with a warehouse.  The interior is completely carpeted in a green screen.  Instead of watching someone walk through the warehouse, and seeing it replaced with an entire world in post-processing,  I want to be able to experience this alternate reality in real time.

What this involves.

This design requires a camera with a live feed, and a ‘screen’ to display the image on.  The screen would be something akin to a headset with an integrated display in front of the eyes.  The image from the camera goes via a software program before reaching the display, which is located in a custom unit in a pack on the users back  This basically consists of a compact computer (maximised soley to process the input image from the camera, and output the rendered image to the display asap).


The GoPro  (HD Hero)

This little unit has the ability to record in 1080p with a 127º angle of view, or a massive 170º angle of view at 960p.  A 3D housing was recently released which allows two HD Hero camera’s to be mounted side by side, and record simultaneously to create 3D footage.

Using this technology in conjunction with 3D displays, could create a real-time 3D environment.

Notes:  Real Time – Projection – Virtual – World – Reality

Design Ideas – First Pass

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So Freddie Wong has done a video that incorporates a few ideas that Ive been looking into, with relation to first-person shooters and augmented reality.

This kind of idea has been around for a while, and the various technologies involved with creating such a game, are not as distant a dream as you might imagine.

Further Notes:

– Green Screen

– QR Codes

– GPS Tracking

– Motion Capture

– 3D Scanning

– Motion Controls   –   I especially like how it can be used to play pong and pinball.  Especially.



Less is More of the Same

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The Integration and Subsequent Attenuation of the User Interface in First-person Shooters